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Thread: Barber shop in Poltava has English speaking staff?

  1. Barber shop in Poltava has English speaking staff?

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    Cutting hair sometimes is a problem when you travel!
    Anybody know any in Poltava?
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  2. Re: Barber shop in Poltava has English speaking staff?

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    I never heard about such Barber shops. But I have Barber, who is my friend. I will ask him and reply to you.
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  3. Re: Barber shop in Poltava has English speaking staff?

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    Hello Simon.

    In Poltava, just like all of Ukraine. There is a hair stylist on every block. The prices are very affordable. You can receive a hair cut, manicure and peticure all for a very low price.
    Service is always excellent.
    I know for a fact there are few stylists still talking about one foreigner that enter their saloons. Let's just say I left a lasting impression.
    So when you travel ask for a hair "saloon".

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    About the english speaking part that is not necessary. Just show them your wanted style when in chair. Hold your hair up and just show them how much to cut off. Say "malenki" for a small amount to be cut off.
    It is easy.
    A barber is an outdated term for a hair stylist.
    A barber is associated with an "older" male that generally only cuts men's hair.
    Simple styles and shaves.
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