The monument of cossack glory was opened in 1994 on the Panyansky boulevard. In such a way Poltavites gave the contribution to the glorious sons of native land, which gave the lives for Ukraine in old times. The authors of project are the sculptor V. Bilous and the artist V.Baturin. There is an enormous cossack cress on the top of the monument, a laconic inscription: "To Ukrainian lost cossacks". Near the foot of the symbolic barrow. There are two bunchuks. Many flowers are laid to the foot of the monument as the display of respect to own history and glorious cossacks.

Cossacks were a freedom-loving independent warriors. Cossack's state had name Zaporizka Sich. It existed from 14 till 18 century. Karl Marks named it the first democratic republic in the territory of Europe.