The monument is the next to The church of the Savior. There was disposed the house of cossack Magdenka.The Commandant of fortress Kelin had lodged there during the siege of Poltava, in the same house «about three rooms with a kitchen and a bath-house» Peter I rested after the Poltava battle the following day. He was present at the prayer service of gratitude in the church of the Savior. The temporal Stella was erected at the place of the former Magdenka house. It was a small pyramidal obelisk with copper decorations and the inscription: "Peter I rested here after the labors». Poltavites saw the new monument, which was erected in the honor of 140th anniversary of the Poltava battle on June, 27 1849. The monument was designed by A. Bryullov, Petersburg Professor of Architecture (he is the brother of the wellknown artist K. Bryulov, and he was the author of the project of the Palace area in Petersburg and the Pulkovsky observatory) and the artist Hamburger which carried out the model in Petersburg in the own work¬shop. The pyramidal bronze obelisk has 6,5 Meters height. A sword and shield with the helmet of the General Iie on top of the obelisk.