The old Cathedral of the Transfiguration stood in this place and burned out at the fire. One of the versions says the church of the Savior was built anew as temporal in 1706 by the abbot I. Svitaylo with the assistant to the colonel Iskra. It was built from the material of taken apart the Monastery of the Exaltation of the Cross. The basic apartment is a rectangular tower composition which passes in to the do¬me. The future emperor Oleksander II visited the church with his teacher poet I. Zhukovskiy in 1837. He offered to erect a stone case above the church to keep it for descendants. And he was the first «sponsor» of this project. In 1845 a stone housing was erected by the project of Kharkov architect K.Ton. The stone two-tier bell tower was erected in 1847 in front of the western entrance. Ancient books were saved in this church, in particular, The Gospel of edition 1644, 1698. Seven icons were here written here by Gerasimom by Mute in 1676. In 30s of 20th century the church was closed. It wasn't destroyed however, a bell tower was taken apart. The Service was reconstructed in 1942. This little church saw a lot of events, but it carries to the people a faith, a hope, a pacification still now.