On the pointer of the cape of Gorodischa (now the Red Square) there was a basic dominant of the city - The Cathedral of Assumption. It was a wooden, multiframe, multistory building. Next to it there was a two-tier bell tower. In 1948 the stone Cathedral of Assumption was laid next o the wooden church. The Poltava colonel A. Gorlenko, the liner A. Runovskiy, the regimental judge G. Sahnovsky and others were its founders. The stone cathedral was being erected by Stephen Stabansky (Stepan Stobensky) during 22 years. He was invited to Poltava from Serbia. The cathedral was sanctified in 1770.
The bell tower is built in baroque, with the use of elements of Russian classicism. The bell of «Kizikermen» hung on the third tierit till the end of 19th century. It was poured off in 1695 from the captured cannons which the Ukrainian Cossacks took during assault of the Turkish fortress of Kizikermen in the Azov hikes of Peter I. The author was a Byzantium's craftsman A. Petrov. The Poltava colonel of Gertsyk gave money for it. The bell weighed almost 150 poods. The bell is a wonderful example of casting of those times. It is exposed in the Local Lore museum now. In 1943 The Cathedral of Assumption was destroyed. Only the bell tower survived. In 2000 the cathedral was reconstructed.