In 1908-1909 in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Poltava Battle The White Altanka was built. There is an original monument on the Ivanov's mountain - eight columns stay as a half-round, the delicate wreath supports it up reminding a horseshoe. There was Sampsonievskaya tower of the Poltava fortress in the days of the North war. There is a legend about the horse of Peter the First who lost a horseshoe here. A local blacksmith made the new one very fast. The tsar rewarded him generously. Actually, a memorable place of the strengthening was marked by the building of kollonada. The Altanka was destroyed by the German fascists and was restored in 1954 according to the project of L.Vayngort. The wonderful panorama of the city opens from The White Altanka: The Monastery of the Exaltation of the Cross, Vorskla river. Hem. The main street of Poltava begins from The White Altanka.This is Jovtneva. Poltavites like to meet guests here. It is said he was in Poltava and didn't visit The White Altanka, wasn't here.