October street is the central street of the city. It takes beginning at the Soborny maydan. The street appeared in the second half of the 18 century. At that time the general layouts of building were developed for many towns of provinces by the decree of Katherine II. And although the original plan was not put in life, a few new streets were created, including, connecting the Soborny maydan and the central area of Poltava - Round Square.
The streets-rays go away in different directions at the Round Square. October street passes through all important areas of the city: Lenin, Theater, Round, Hay, Zygin. If you walk along October street, you can see the great number of sights of our city: White Altanka,The Cathedral of Assumption, the church of the Savior, the Local Lore museum, the Petrovskiy and the Sunny parks, the theater named by N. Gogol, the monument of Glory and others.
October street is beautiful at every season. Shady linden-trees are planted on both sides of the street and it creates a pleasant coolness by summer. In winter naked branches are interlaced in a curlicue and give up delicate shades on the walls of the city buildings. This four-kilometer street, brightly lighted up in the evening is a favorite place for walks of Poltavites and guests of the city.
There are shops, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters. The part of the street is under the earth, where is the trade-entertaining complex "Gold misto".
Have pedestrian walk along October street and you will hear a great deal about our town.