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Thread: Desperate please help!!!!

  1. Desperate please help!!!!

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    I have been in very serious discussions with a young lady named Iren through a popular dating site. It appeared we had excellent chance of a future together. I planned on traveling to Poltava and secure long-term housing to begin a relationship together.
    Unfortunately, when accessing the dating site several days ago, my computer's antispyware and antivirus programs would not allow me to open the site to continue communication with Iren. Without any warning to Iren, I was forced to cancel my account and delete the dating service website.
    Iren is a manager at Party Bar Shokolad in Poltava. PLEASE, PLEASE can someone get a message to her explaining why I lost communication and ask that she contact me at my email address: JZMD1@MSN.COM
    My name is Joel.
    There are no words able to express my deep gratitude for anyone that can come to my assistance.

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  2. Re: Desperate please help!!!!

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    Your obscure story looks pretty suspicious. Like an anti-virus program literally forced you to cancel dating service account? True story ofc.
    Looks more like you're trying to cheat in order to communicate with dat chick outside the dating service and thus strip them of mandatory fee you would have to pay in case you would want to come to actually meet her.
    I can probably pass your message to her if you able to prove somehow you're not a liar.
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  3. Re: Desperate please help!!!!

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    I maybe able to help you.What country are you in and what country do you come from?.I need a bit more information from you.Eugene
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