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Thread: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

  1. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

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    My friend lotus wrte me this

    Saludos venezolano

    My twitter post "oops, UA Dreams seems to be a scam-agency !!! http://bit.ly/aUP7cK Oksana http://bit.ly/a6MQVO & http://bit.ly/cwG6IS same woman?"

    also received this in reply to your post! Gary reckons uadreams are genuine
    I have read on some postings that girls sign exclusive contracts with uadreams.com. In another words, girls are not alowed to be in other agencies.
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  2. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Holland View Post
    Guys, you know that I had a lot of doubt about UAdreams. Buat asl most guys here I wanted it toi be true so I continued to write and then the lady made a special video only for me which I purchased from UAdreams and that looked so real that I decided to actually travel to Nikolaev. I made my own hotel arrangements and booked my own flight and only purchased an introduction meeting.

    And what can I tell you. UAdreams does exist. The manager and translator of the agency were very helpful and best of all I had a great meeting and dinner with the lady. The lady had chose the restaurant and I had at the table the lady, the UAdreams translator and private translator hired by me a I wanted to have absolute certainty that everything was safely translated!) and the whole evening cost with 4 people cost only 380 hrivnas and it was a nice restaurant.

    So I can say, do what I dit, be suspicious, and then be prepared but I think it is fair to mention on this site that in my case UAdreams (Nikolaev office) did a very good job and also their translator from the Nikolaev office did an excellent and very honest job.

    So it is good when people tell about bad experiences ( as it made be to act very careful) but I it certainly is unfair to say that UAdreams as an agency is ascam as I have no experienced that it is really working and they do try to do a good job.
    Is this the SAME individual who put up the original post??....

    "...Hello Guys,

    I am new on this Forum and in fact I am corresponding to a girl in Kremenchuk (only 100 km away from Poltava) via UAdreams. I am suspicious of the agency but the answers I get from the girl seem to be(!) genuine...."

    I thought the first one was OK except for a couple pf errors,but the quote above sounds like it comes from a completely different author?
    Also,I thought your girl lived in Kremenchug??...
    why did you travel to "Nikolaev" to meet her?
    Seems strange to me this.
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  3. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

    Quote Originally Posted by roaldt View Post
    alina (alinak#9931) or anyone who recognizes her from this description. We met online with a dating agency uadreams (Join Free for view Ukrainian girls free service) you started writing me and i responded. I think we felt an irresistible pull. In your last letter you said you were in love with me. Know that i feel the same about you. Unfortunately the agency is a scam and is blocking our attempts to know each other. They just want to bleed men of their money. You can contact me directly at sharkeysvideo@gmail.com. My full name is roald thorsen (roaldt #159079)and my phone is 1-419-280-8552. If i can find you and you still want what you said in your letters, it is yours. I will come over as soon as i can and we will get married, so you can come and live in paradise with me. If someone recognizes her please pass my info on to her. In a letter she told me she works for the largest building store in poltava and goes to university for her masters degree. I can also be contacted on icq, my number there is: 372658020 thank you. Roald (ron) thorsen. Us virgin islands.
    if uadreams is a scam site, the writings send to you are false, and alinak dont't exist, may be is a man scamming you, be careful. Forget that false contact.
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  4. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

    Stop this! Did a lady ask you money, any help or support in something? it is hard to believe that in first letters she said that she loves you. Ukrainian ladies are not like that. they try to find a man to create a family, have babies, sweet love and strong feelings to each other.
    They do not look for money or gold, they need respect and care.
    I think that if you liked her and she liked you, she would never leave you. What happened?
    Maybe she hd the reasons to leave the site and agency?
    There are many beautiful ladies in different sites. You can meet a lovely, caring and sweet lady.
    If you think they are scammers- why do you use these sites and write the letters? this is your decision.
    Be polite with ladies, give them love and respect and you will be loved! you will find your happiness!!
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  5. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

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    Yes, and give them money.
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  6. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams or any other SUIDO scammer

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    Red face
    Hello ALL gentlemen on ALL Ukrainian marriage dating sites. My name is Adam Black and you can correspond with me at myuadream@hotmail.com I want to talk to all of you about these sites. Are they scams or are they not scams. Well I am very sorry but I am not going to give you any joy here. I have been corresponding with Ukraine women since mid-2003. I have been there 3 times. Met 2 of the 3 women who I corresponded with. The first one was rather crazy (I mean really insane) and her local agency had lead me on all the way (even though Vika had become engaged at almost the exact same time that I asked her if I should come to meet her). It was NOT AnastasiaWEB (now Anastasiadate) who conducted the scam; but the local agency. THEY HAVE THEIR WAYS!!! It was several years before I visited Ukraine again. This time it was at the hands of a REAL SCAM site... my great friends (may they rot in hell) veronikaWEB. Now here is a real scam site. My advice to you... do not even go there. I was actually foolish enough to go back to that site several years after my full-blown scam visit to Moldova. Fortunately I stated corresponding with a fake profile of a very nice interpreter who worked for them (through information from my correspondence) tracked me down and warned me that I was involved in a total scam. She obvious spoke English and we actually corresponded for 6 months, Skyped, video chat (everything) so I can guarantee that veronikaWEB is a SCAM!!!! Now in 2010 I started using UAdreams website and I have corresponded with one girl there for almost two (2) years. I have not been in a financial position to go back to Ukraine to meet her yet. Yet she is very devoted and loyal to me. She is a real sweetheart. I have seen her many times on the WEBCAM links which show the offices. So I know she is real. I have seen many photos of her (she is a model). I have seen many videos of her talking to me directly (address me by name). I have had video chats with her. So she is real. But she has not promised me love and I understand that. She needs to meet me to know such an important thing. I hope that someday I will get a chance to meet her. GENTLEMEN!!! If I may be so bold to give you any advice... TRY THIS... Google ANY Russian dating, marriage or bride website and follow it with the word SCAM and what you will find is that EVERY website is a scam. This is just not true, because it is just NOT POSSIBLE. For every website to be a scam!!!??? They cannot ALL be scammers. This is just love. This is just life. If you are expecting these beautiful women just to fall in love with you, just because you have corresponded with them and just because you visit them. YOU ARE FOOLING YOURSELF. They are mostly real girls looking for real love. It is not easy for them when they are in their 20s and they get 50 year old men corresponding with them and visiting them hoping that the girl will just agree to marry them. So if you are going try your luck (and that is exactly what you need.... LUCK!!!) then you really need to chill. Correspond with women from a site that has WEBCAMS of their offices, provide real live VIDEO CHATS. Get the girl to talk directly to you. But DO NOT go there with some delusional dream and expectation of guaranteed love and marriage. You will be disappointed (I CAN guarantee that). These women are NOT desperate. They ARE very romantic, therefore very big dreamers. And if you allow yourself you CAN get totally caught-up in their romantic dreams and expectations. They WILL call you half way around the world for a date (YES!!!!... A DATE). They do not care about how much money it costs you. Firstly because you are a Western man and they really do think that Western men are Demy Gods of money. What they do not understand is that we are also Demy Gods of DEBUT. So my final advice to you is... go there with your expectation in check. Go there for a holiday, with the opportunity to meet some of the most beautiful, innocent, kind, loving, shy girls in the world. I promise you; if you go there with a light heart and no expectations of finding guaranteed love you will enjoy yourself a lot more. Then maybe (just maybe) one of these girls will see your good side and actually fall in love with you (for real). So what do you think? It is your decision!!! Take Care and I wish you all luck, love and happiness. Sincerely Adam Black
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  7. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams or any other SUIDO scammer

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    Dear man_not_machine or "Adam Black" or is it really Boris? Now why would you have such an email adress as "myuadream@hotmail.com" unless you would be working for them...You are insulting our intelligence!

    Please care to explain, im just dying to know what kinda of long stupid excuse you are coming up next to protect this mafia operating marriage agency as UAdreams...
    Last edited by Ghost; 10-22-2011 at 05:43 PM.
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  8. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

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    Dont worry,I am here to find Nataliya Pushkar 17.08.1968
    she is terrible scam!I want to find her!Please let me know something about her!You are not the only guy who was scammed by site!
    Here is the link to her profile
    natashacharming: Nataliya : It is not easy for me describe myself. I pref...
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  9. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

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    Hey, everybody. I wish to write strange story about uadreams and one of their lady, who I met on the many dating sites. I talked with Kate from Poltava UAdreams. That is his profile Join Free for view Ukrainian girls free service and I found his in vkontakte.ru She wrote me the same sad story on many dating sites, and always asked me to pay money on the UAdreams. I checked her many times and she wrote me the same letters, she always used standart letters. So I can say, I am not stupid guy and she is scammer with her all sites
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  10. Re: Help me find Alina K (Poltava) from UADreams

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    If someone asks for money. Then it is 100% fraud
    Do not send money to none.
    I see a lot of online job interpreter in a marriage agency.
    And I believe that most of these agencies is a fraud. but heard a lot about them.

    The girl in the photo, one can see that it is secured by money. and a good photo session costs from $ 400.
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