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Thread: Dating Sites UA - Another potential Scam Angle Not Listed -Recruiting and Your Profil

  1. Dating Sites UA - Another potential Scam Angle Not Listed -Recruiting and Your Profil

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    Thank you for all for your most informative posts. It has helped me open my eyes . I have nothing to gain by what I am about to share. I am a 55 year old male that is well kept ( not full of myself just feed back and history of my dating/marriage history ) I probably look closer to 45 than fifty ) i own an oil and gas service company been in business 21 years balh blah... I'm sucessfull and have a nice life style. A couple of things to think about when registering profiles about yourself During the " being approved process " without hard evidence other than my ridiculous qtys of interests , letters request for vid chats I feel ( just my oppinion ) these sites are not just editing they are evaluating their mark. Myself I'm not arogant but do carry myself with a healthy swagger, my pictures show well , the company I own etc... is all part of the sting . This information is not only used for recomending best matchs but best matches to put in front of me or the new customer that give their company the best chance of setting the hook giving them the best chances of extorting money using their services from email, gifts video etc . I am confident ( not all ) but many are requesting correspondence with an agenda. I also think ( again no hard evidence that some of these women post on other sites using it as a marketing tool to bring you over to a diffrent agency an agency that you join for free and then the third party costs to continue correspondence with this special girl is endless ! Case and point . I see this young lady thats a little to young but not ridiculous in age diffrence 38 years old dressed in a parka that's but upon closer study I realize this girl is really quite beautiful and her profile was good but not 2 good. So I send her this "she's the best looking girl in parka was she the parka princess of Poltava" ..... we exchanged email for about a month. Her writing were unedited and were so refreshing I just was taken with her . Then a recieve an email that she wrote saying that she was not poor she had a computer .. and she had found who she was looking for ( meaning self ) and she was leaving the site and taking her profile off . Again she felt no need to look ... She has asked several times for my personal email address but not providing hers ? So a give it to her and she explained uadreams would be contacting me so we can correspond through that site. Well i get the email and I register look at her profile and yes I was correct parka girl was hoy beautiful girl very classy well done . So I was elated just another positive thing abot this woman WRONG hence forth all corespondence of any kind was translated for Sevta . The letters became less and less formal , the replys became fewer and response time delayed , messages that were to be forwarded that had any questions or negative overtone suspeciously were sent but not opened . So I am not sure if my ego is telling me she is not getting the true messages because anything that had a personal touch a link such as a love song ( in Russian or Ukranian ) basically she would have commented ( any woman as they were feel good woman sort stuff they love ) the letters that were translated and responded 2 never made mention of a link to watch ( i would pay the agency ), flowers that she was to have been notified within an hour I recieve a " you can't believe the beautiful flowers I just recieved ... 3 days later. I know 2 things I attempted video chat 2 x first time I taked to 2 woman I didn't know but thought they were to be the tranlator , second attempt was probably my fault because of a skype issue, ok third attempt she no know shows without an sms telling me something had come up . Finally I get a letter saying she will explain later.( after I sent 2 letters that had suspeciously not been opened and not recieved ?) I was pissed so I deleted them several days after they had not been opened . My thought was this is bullshit and unexceptable behaviour . She never asked why I took them off the the sent mail in her folder . Did she ever see them ? She has since asked for another vid chat which I did not respond. I did send her another best of luck letter ( after reading the internet ) She responds with " i don't know why you are so sad and upset with me" letter BUT WAS NOT Translated sent from the uadream web site and either they are real crafty or ? It read like the emails I had been so moved and touched with before ua dreams , the sentence structure , errors exactly them same and real . My Question are these girls being given the whole story and all the mail , are they getting some unedited , sending edited OR are they well aware of this whole scheme. It's funny how she asked in the original letters if I could take time to come to Poltava and how soon.... I mentioned several times I could travel and be their in 7-10 days, BUT total silence on the subject since then . Especially since I have not purchased more chat time and or any other services + the unlimited email letters I paid for expires in 14 days . Conclusion If you can't correspond directly without sensorship you need to move on . Thank you for reading my post but I wanted to put another possible angle that may being used to faulsly put self imposed chaos on men attempting to meet woman abroad .
    Your comments are welcome and if I can help I will.
    Be Well,
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  2. Re: Dating Sites UA - Another potential Scam Angle Not Listed -Recruiting and Your Pr

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    Hi DJB,
    Online dating is fun and found my better half through online dating. Online dating makes me potential lover and increased my cosial life. Online dating expose me to a world where I experienced one on one interaction with a person of opposite sex.
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