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Thread: For everyone who is looking for girl from dating agency

  1. For everyone who is looking for girl from dating agency

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    Hi guys,

    I am new here, but recently I gained a lot of experience with this dating/wedding agencies in the Internet.
    Yes I have paid over 1 000 USD just to chat/videochat and email with beautiful and wonderful Ukrainian girls. And guess what, no use. And I think that it is really good. Why? Just because. Because sometimes they are just used by the agency and perhaps they have their own profit from it. But don’t blame the girls, as students or in a difficult life situation they need some money, so why not, heh?
    It is us, “westerners” who are so naive and in some way we support them in their “wrongdoing”. Why we just don’t hop in an airplane, train, car or whatever and visit Ukraine by ourselves in real? Why do we pay the wedding or dating agencies. You spend there much more money in comparison if you go to Ukraine by yourself and try to enjoy wonderful holiday there. Not like “girlhunter”, but like a visitor who came to learn and to see what is Ukraine and it’s inhabitants in real and then you will understand.
    I was born there, I lived there until my 7 there. I know the people. There are all kinds of people as everywhere in the world. And when you come there and visit the country you will know. Yes there are wonderful girls, but they are not just waiting for some foreigner to come and take them “out of this hole” (as some wedding sites try to present it), no, they live like us, and they search for love like we do, every person is unique by itself and is looking for her/his own life partner, not for his money (some may however), but for the person they would like (slim, fat, handsome, ugly, funny…) or better the person they would love.
    Some agencies (most of what I have been in touch with) are scam; they are interested ONLY in your money, nothing else. They don’t care about girls neither, and it doesn’t matter if the agency has signed the US Wedding law (or how is it called) or if they fight SCAM. It doesn’t matter for them, what does matter is your money.

    Conclusion – if you want to meet one of most beautiful kind girls in the world, travel to Ukraine by yourself, learn some phrases in Ukrainian or Russian and go. Easy as pie. Don’t expect that every girl will fall in love with you, don’t expect that you will be the star. And don’t trust dating/wedding agencies, at least not always.

    Cheers and wish you luck guys
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  2. Re: For everyone who is looking for girl from dating agency

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    Hi there, is uadreams also in your blacklist? Should i stop correspondence with the lady there? Please advice as i am new to this dating sites thing. Thanks much.
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