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Thread: Travel agency ‘Welcome to Poltava’

  1. Travel agency ‘Welcome to Poltava’

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    Travel agency ‘Welcome to Poltava’ manages more than 90 apartments for daily and long-term rent in Poltava.

    Apartments are located all over Poltava and belong to such categories: budget, standard, business and deluxe. The price starts from U.S.$ 23 per a night and up to U.S.$ 120 per a night (apartments with sauna, Jacuzzi etc.).

    Long-term rentals start from U.S.$ 350 per a month to U.S.$ 1200.

    Also on-line reservation of Poltava hotels via Visa/Mastercard is offered. There are 5 Poltava hotels available for reservation. The room price starts from U.S.$27 per a night.

    Other services offered by Welcome to Poltava:
    • Interpreter’s services;
    • Taxi transportation (airport pickup etc.);
    • Excursions over Poltava;
    • Gifts, flower delivery over Poltava etc.


    Address: 65 Pushkina Str., office 4
    Tel.: +38 063 282 01 21
    Web: http://www.welcome-to-poltava.com.ua

    Welcome to Poltava
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  2. Re: Travel agency ‘Welcome to Poltava’

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    Ok, I hate to be so blunt. But I do have some experience about living in Poltava for extended periods of time -- once for a year and another time for four months. These prices are pretty much the "rip off the rich foreigner" sort. Funny thing is that I've met a lot of travellers, most of whom I would *not* describe as rich!
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  3. Re: Travel agency ‘Welcome to Poltava’

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    And I'll add this one more thing. If you're willing to pay these prices for accommodations, go to Sevastopol instead! Much nicer setting on the Black Sea.
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