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Thread: Priviet everybody

  1. Priviet everybody

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    I just found this forum in the internet.
    I'm french, i came twice in Poltava: first time was last summer for two month and second time for 3 weeks in the end of december and beginning of january. I don't speak russian or ukrainian (only some few words). I can speak english and french (of course !)

    I think i will come again next summer and will be nice to meet some people because last time i was in Poltava, it was not very great. I was alone most of time and cannot go out very much because something bad happened to me. But i like this city and like to be somewhere different from my country, with language i cannot understand, different people...

    So i'm happy to have found this forum
    Nice to meet you
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  2. Re: Priviet everybody

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    Hi Sebik,
    Glad you like Poltava and like to add Poltava is great place to live as people are very caring, beautiful and there are lots of informative places to visit, hope you saw many places during your stay in Poltava.
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