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Thread: Top Dance Song in Ukraine 2005-2006

  1. Top Dance Song in Ukraine 2005-2006

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    Fragov. Please, translate and post this on the Ukrainian side. I can't get the Ukraine version it to show properly on my computer.
    $50 usd to the person who can find me the song and where to download a good copy of the top dance song from 2005-2006.
    I will western union the cash to the first finder to post it on the english side of poltava forum.
    Now for the song.
    It is not in English (of course). It is not in Ukrainian or Russian. But another language. It was popular from Cuba to all over Europe.
    Every disco played it every night for at least one year in Ukraine. Never got played in North America.
    The song was on a few top hit CD's from Ukraine so I am thinking it was definately a ONE HIT WONDER for the band.
    A total dance song at everyone rushed to dance floor to dance to in the Discos. It played everynight then faded away and I have not heard it since.
    Sounded alot like Let it Rock and Sexy Chick from today hit songs. Fast and awesome to dance too.
    Not song by a boy band for Europe.
    Two notes and I will know it right away.
    That is all for now.
    Will post more as I remember. I have search all over for it on YOU Tube. It is not there. Just a year to old.
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  2. Re: Top Dance Song in Ukraine 2005-2006

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    aggieshawn, describe look of singer. Did you saw video-clip?
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