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Thread: Where I can buy Soviet hat in Poltava?

  1. Where I can buy Soviet hat in Poltava?

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    Hello everybody!
    My name is Femke and for the next 9 months I'll be living in Poltava.
    I'm from The Netherlands (Holland) and I'm here to volunteer at a school.

    My parents asked me to buy a couple of real (or fake) fur soviet hats. Like these: russian sovjet hat fur - Google zoeken

    Does anybody here know where I can buy one of those hats in Poltava?

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  2. Re: Soviet hat

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    Hi femkevaart! Welcome to the forum.
    In Russia this hat has name "ushanka". I will check if anybody from my friends know where to buy it.
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  3. Re: Soviet hat

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    Welcome to the forum, Femke!
    At the moment I have no idea where it'd been sold, but it is very possible to get one.

    p.s. as Fragov said, search for "ушанка" (ushanka)
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